IoT and Automotive Technology Executive Search

The auto technology, consumer behaviors and market trends driving the development of the Internet of Things are still in their infancy, but they are already transforming the business of making and selling cars, and automotive technology executive search. Automotive companies are now being confronted by radical changes in propulsion (electric vehicles, fuel cells), connectivity, M2M, infotainment, telematics and the slow rise of driver assistance systems leading to autonomous driving.

Information technologies are bringing about a paradigm shift in the types of skills and talents that are most highly sought after in the automotive industry. There has always been a premium for world-class engineering and commercial talents. However, carmakers are now competing with global technology companies for the world’s best software developers, systems analysts, network administrators, network engineers, cloud experts and telecommunications professionals.

As a global retained automotive technology executive search firm, LIASE Group is uniquely positioned to help you navigate the changing landscape of IoT and Automotive technology talent acquisition. Because all of our consultants have specialized technical knowledge in the both sectors, they are able to identify, attract and retain outstanding talents with the skills and vision necessary for success in this changing environment.