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Kwang Soo Kim Managing Director Korea

Mr. Kim

As Managing Director Korea with the LIASE Group, Kwang Soo Kim uses the skills and knowledge gained over the course of his career to identify and recruit outstanding Automotive executives for both Korean and international Automotive clients.

Having previously worked for major multinational companies such as Putzmeister AG, HP Pelzer Germany KG & Korean Steel Group, and Sammi Steel & Atlas Steel Canada, Kim has many years of international management and leadership experiences that he can draw upon when identifying and evaluating Automotive leaders. These experiences have also given him an in-depth understanding of the technological and operational challenges his Automotive clients face daily.

He also has experience in being a referee of Governmental authorities and Universities for GO selection methodology. He has been on the board of several multinational firms and their subsidiaries.

Kim holds a Master’s degree in Economics, with a specialty in Operations Research, from Yonsei University in Korea. He speaks Korean, English, Japanese and German.